Central Valley Mathematics Pathway


A math pathways is a mathematics course or sequence of courses that students take to meet the requirements of their programs of study.

The concept of math pathways applies to college-ready and under-prepared students.

Starting in the summer of 2017, CVHEC has been receiving College Futures Foundation funding to implement a Math Pathways effort to mobilize mathematics faculty leaders from their member institutions. This effort will be implemented in three phases and will enable students to complete an appropriate gateway math course, which would fulfill requirements for their chosen programs of study, within one year.

A Regional Approach for Math Completion

Through financial support of the College Futures Foundation the Central Valley Higher Education Consortium (CVHEC) has enlisted the Charles A. Dana Center of the University of Texas at Austin (Dana Center), an expert in Math reform, to assist CVHEC member institutions to transform math pathways.

The Dana Center has been pursuing the goal of improving student success and completion through the Dana Center Mathematics Pathways, which promotes and supports math pathways through efforts at the state level to inform policy, at the institutional level through planning tools and resources, and at the classroom level to support faculty through training and course materials.

Task Force

In an effort to scale math pathways for the Central Valley, the Central Valley Mathematics Taskforce will lead transformation efforts. The regional effort will be led by a faculty taskforce of math faculty leaders, to include two co-chairs that represent the 2-year and 4-year mathematics faculty.

Mathematics faculty leaders are those faculty currently serving in positions of leadership on state curriculum committees, transfer committees, or similar structures or faculty who currently serve or have served in positions of leadership in state or national mathematics professional associations such as American Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges, American Mathematical Society, American Statistical Association, and Mathematical Association of America.

The Dana Center will supply a rich set of tools and resources for leadership, taskforce member faculty, administrators and other higher education staff. The taskforce will host workshops to provide technical assistance directly to the Central Valley’s higher education institutions.

Participating higher education institutions include:
(Task Force Membership List)