About our Team

This web page presents the CVHEC team of higher education professionals: 11-members who lend their energy, enthusiasm and experience to enhance student success and achievement throughout the region by collaborating with the consortium’s member institutions and the CVHEC Board of Directors.

Many are retired from careers dedicated to serving students at their respective institutions of higher education – a service that now continues through CVHEC.

Meet Our Team

CVHEC’s Staff

Benjamin T. Duran

Executive Director

Angel Ramirez

Operations & Finance Manager

D. Priscila Villanueva

Administrative Coordinator

Elaine Cash

Grants & Programs Coordinator

Tom Uribes

Communications Coordinator

John Spevak

Northern Regional Coordinator & English Task Force Liaison

Stan A. Carrizosa Sr.

Southern Regional Coordinator

Thomas J. Burke

Transfer Project Coordinator & Kern MA Upskilling Lead

Virginia Madrid-Salazar

Equity, Race & Social Justice Task Force Liaison

Vikash Lakhani

Kern Faculty Mentor Coordinator-English

Liz Rozell

Kern Faculty Mentor Coordinator-Math