Central Valley Transfer Project

Increasing Community College Transfers to CSU and UC

How This All Got Started

In 2018 UC Merced met with CVHEC expressing grave concern for the low number of Central Valley CC transfers. The next year a pilot project was launched with Merced College (MC) and Bakersfield College (BC) to explore new strategies to increase transfers. At the same time, CSU Bakersfield was collaborating with Bakersfield College to create full transfer pathways aligned with the CSU-approved ADTs. A third element, the Pathways Program Mapper emerged which is a public internet-based software application that presents students with pre-approved course sequences aligning the CC ADTs with the upper division requirements by major, for successful degree completion.

The significant breakthrough occurred when UC Merced agreed to pilot with MC and BC to convene select groups of faculty and staff to review the CSU-approved ADTs to determine if they could also fulfill the lower division requirements for successful transfer to UC Merced.

Additionally, all parties embraced the Program Mapper application as the vehicle for creating easy access for students, counselors, advisors, HS students and parents to expedite their education planning and successful transfer to UCM. On this page, you can learn how the model has been refined and replicated and is being implemented by several more Central Valley community colleges!

Refined Process: Collaborative & Replicable

Project Team

Stan Carrizosa
Southern Regional Coordinator & Transfer Project Lead

James Zimmerman
Sr. Assoc. Vice Provost & Dean for Undergraduate Ed.
UC Merced

Craig Hayward
Dean of Institutional Effectiveness
Bakersfield College

Thomas J. Burke
Transfer Project Coordinator

Now Leading The Way

Currently, CSU Bakersfield and UC Merced are the two institutions fully engaged as we started with a focus on increasing transfers for our Central Valley community college students. Other Central Valley CSU partners are in line to start – including Stanislaus State and Fresno State. Other institutions across the state who are already exploring Program Mapper include Cal State San Bernardino and Cal State Dominguez Hills.


Central Valley Transfer Project Archives 


For more information or to get started please contact Stan at scarrizosa44@gmail.com .