English Task Force


First formed in 2019, the mission of the English Task Force is to streamline English pathways for students by examining topics, concerns, and recent legislation as part of CVHEC’s mission: improve certificate and degree completion rates in the nine-county region from San Joaquin to Kern.

Coordinated by Dr. John Spevak, one of CVHEC’s coordinators and a former Merced College vice president, the task force consists of representatives from each of the 15 community college members in the region who are part of CVHEC.

Pre-pandemic, the task forces hosted workshops to provide technical assistance directly to CVHEC members supporting faculty professional development.

Current conversations in the English Task Force include:

  • the continuing implementation of AB 705, AB1705 including through-put results;
  • comparing the success of online, in-person, hybrid and hyflex modes;
  • the student mindset after COVID;
  • artificial intelligence within English classes;
  • ensuring course outlines equitably represent the desired outcomes of the course;
  • collecting and analyzing data to improve student success; and
  • media literacy within English courses among many other topics.
CVHEC English Task Force Members

Columbia College

Craig Johnson
English Professor

Merced College

Michael Barba
English Professor

Modesto Junior College

Jillian Daly
Dean, Literature and Language Arts

Reedley College

Eileen Apperson
English Professor

Reedley College

Carey Karle
English Professor

Taft College

Kamala Carlson
English Professor